Salon Target Market: Nail it down for 2023

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"Nailing Down Your Salon Target Market"

The kind of customers a salon wants to attract is an important part of its overall success. If a salon knows who it wants to attract and keep as customers, it can better tailor its services and marketing efforts to that group.

When trying to determine your potential customers, one of the first things you should do is think about where your salon is situated. Is it located in the heart of a busy metropolis or a more quiet outlying neighborhood? This information can help determine the types of clients that the salon is most likely to attract. For example, a salon in the middle of a city might attract younger people who care about fashion. In contrast, a salon in a suburban location might pull in customers who are older and more family-oriented.

Another important thing to think about is the services that the salon has to offer. Does the salon provide a wide variety of services, such as haircuts, coloring, and styling, or does it specialize in particular services, such as bridal hair or hair extensions? A salon specializing in specific services can attract clients looking for those specialized services, making it more likely that your salon will be chosen over your competition.


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After determining the demographics of its ideal clientele, a beauty parlor can more effectively direct its marketing efforts on winning over those clients. As an example, a salon specializing in hair extensions might advertise in fashion and beauty magazines. In contrast, a salon that caters to an older clientele might choose to advertise in local newspapers and on social media platforms.

In addition to more traditional ways of marketing, a salon may also try to bring in new customers by making connections with other businesses in the area. This can be done by forming partnerships with places like clothing stores, beauty supply stores, and even fitness studios to offer discounts and other ways to promote to the customers of those places.


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In the end, a salon should have good customer service and a pleasant atmosphere for customers to keep coming back. This can involve providing a pleasant waiting space, free drinks, and Wi-Fi, and ensuring each customer feels pampered and valued.

Overall, a salon can better attract and keep customers by tailoring its services and marketing to a specific market. Doing this can lead to long-term success. 

To successfully target a specific market, you also need to know about the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. The terms “demographics” and “psychographics” are used interchangeably. Demographics refer to the attributes of the target audience, such as age, gender, income, and level of education. In contrast, “psychographics” refers to the attitudes, values, and lifestyles of the target audience. For instance, a hair salon that caters to young professionals in the city might want to provide a range of services, including haircuts, styling, and color services that are appropriate for an urban way of life.

Conducting market research is essential if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the people you are trying to sell to. To do this may involve:

  • Interviewing already-existing clients.
  • Participating in focus groups.

Even going to the salons of one’s rivals in order to gain insight into their clientele.


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By doing market research, a salon can learn more about the needs and tastes of its target market. Then it can modify its services and marketing activities based on this newfound knowledge.

Also, making a customer loyalty program could be an excellent way to keep customers who are already buying from you. You can do this by giving out rewards for coming back or reaching specific goals, like getting a certain number of haircuts or color treatments. One example of this would be a set number of haircuts or color services. By giving discounts and other perks to customers who come back for more services, a salon can keep them returning and keep its business growing.


Last but not least, staying up to date on the latest developments and trends in the beauty industry is important. To stay up-to-date, you should go to industry events, follow key influencers and industry leaders on social media, and keep track of what new products and services your competitors and the industry are offering. 

In conclusion, a salon’s success needs to find and focus on a specific market segment. A salon can be successful in the long run if it knows the demographics and psychographics of its target audience, does market research, creates a customer loyalty program, and stays up to date on trends in the industry. This will allow the salon to attract new customers and keep existing ones.

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